This blog post will show you how to compile a PHP 7 extension for Windows. We will be using the new Microsoft Visual Studio 2015 Community Edition, which can be downloaded here for free. All directories are relative, it's recommended to use a short path without spaces. You can start in C:.

Installing Visual Studio

If you are choosing the advanced setup be sure to tick Programming Languages -> Visual C++ -> Common Tools for Visual C++ 2015

Installing additional tools

This post assumes you installed 7-zip and git. It also assumes you installed the linux tools that come with git (asked during installation). And added both 7-Zip and Git\bin to your SYSTEM PATH.

Installing PHP binary tools

This step creates a sub-directory in the current path called php7.

curl -O
7z x -ophp7
cd php7-bt\bin
phpsdk_buildtree.bat phpdev

Installing PHP source code

cd phpdev
cp -r vc9 vc14
cd vc14\x86
git clone -b PHP-7.0.0 --single-branch .

Installing dependencies

curl -O
7z x -odeps deps-7.0-vc14-x86.7z
rm deps-7.0-vc14-x86.7z

Compiling PHP source + Extension

hprose was chosen as example because it's one of the few PHP extensions that are compatible with PHP 7 for the moment. On Windows the buildscript is designed to build PHP itself along side with the extensions. "But on Windows it's different because the script is designed to build PHP itself."

cd ..\..\..\
cd phpdev\vc14\x86
mkdir pecl && cd pecl
curl -O
tar -zxvf hprose-1.5.5.tgz
rm hprose-1.5.5.tgz
cd ..
configure --enable-debug --enable-phpdbg --enable-hprose

Tip: If you want to load the C sources from somewhere else try adding --add-modules-dir=path\to\ext to buildconf. The path must have a sub-directory with the actual source!

Tip 2: hprose used the enable and disable flag, other extensions use the with and without flag.


In you need to rebuild, issue the following commands:

nmake clean
buildconf --force
configure --enable-debug --enable-phpdbg --enable-hprose


cd Debug_TS
php -i | grep hprose

Should show:

Configure Command => cscript /nologo configure.js  "--enable-debug" "--enable-phpdbg" "--enable-hprose"
hprose support => enabled
hprose version => 1.5.5
hprose author => Ma Bingyao
hprose homepage =>

Static or shared

Most extensions will be compiled statically into the php executable. If you want to share your extensions as dynamic link library (DLL) then put =shared behind the enable flag, like so: --enable-hprose=shared

Writers note

Building the extension on itself should be possible with phpize, so far i have not got this to work yet. Building the entire php core to compile an extension slows down development a lot which is unfortunate. A possible workaround would be to develop the extension on linux and do the final build on windows. The blog will be updated if more information is known.